how much is Gucci new britt med hobo worth ?

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  1. Hey guys I don't own any gucci so I'm still new at it.

    is a Used Gucci new britt med hobo ivory worth buying for $450?


    you all might know already but those who don't its the one on the bottom right.

  2. The bag retails for $550, so it is not a huge savings. Is the bag in like new condition?
  3. I have seen new ones go for 350.00 on ebay when people won them from the Ellen show.
  4. ^^really?!? I should definitely keep a look out on ebay. I love that hobo especially in the ivory trim....:tup:
  5. Yeah keep looking I saw one a few weeks ago that someone was auctioning they won from the show. At Christmas she gave everyone in the audience one so a lot were on ebay
  6. Double post
  7. You are better off buying it new at that price. $450 is not that great of a deal.

  8. Cute bag though. let us know if you get one.
  9. thanks girls, for sure I'll let you know if I get one. I think I might just save up and buy the new one.
  10. Yes, I would buy it used at $350 but at $450, I'd just get one at the store and pay the extra 100... :smile: