How much is Dior Gaucho

  1. Hi. I'm from Malaysia. Can I know how much is Dior Gaucho selling in US? Appreciate if someone can provide me with some info : )
  2. My gaucho was about $1,600. Dark red, all leather, andi love it
  3. And sometimes you can get lucky at Saks or other large department stores like NM, and find one half off
  4. if u want something closer to home.. i went to dior in Singapore yesterday and saw gaucho's on sale.. 30% off..
  5. Dior Gaucho tote: $1,800-2,090 (small zip can be around $1,000)
  6. theyre on sale at now =D
  7. Daibro have the

    white tote for $1119.63 ;)


    prune large $932.71


    black $932.71

  8. Thanks Gals for the info. : )
  9. I have two gaucho's. One is gaucho tote in pewter silver which was $2500AUD and i have gaucho grained double saddle in brown which is $2800AUD. i dont know conversions but i hope that helps :smile:
  10. Neimans has a LOT of them on sale now. i saw frame gauchos... lambskin ones. all types.