how much is city in Italy, any ideas?

  1. My mom is going for a trip to Italy, I am wondering if it would be cheaper for her to buy a "city" bag for me over there. (since VAT is 20%) Does anyone know how much they sell city for in Italy? in older posts, some people say 945 euro some say 750 euro? I tried to call a couple stores mentioned in the old posts, but they do not seem to speak good english:sad:

    any ideas? thanks.
  2. Hi :smile: xpp888!
    In Italy a City with Regular hardware costs 945 Euro,a City with Giant Hardware costs 1195 Euro.

    Keen appetite!!:drool:
  3. you actually don't get 20% back.. you'll get 12%.
  4. As of yesterday, a RH City is 945 Euros, and I can confirm that by tax free rules, you'll only get 12% back. I am 100% sure of what I am saying.
  5. Hmm, why would you get 12% back *nosey* lol :smile:
  6. thanks!! 945 Euros is correct. I also emailed a couple stores myself and they all came back with the same price. I guess I would be better off order it from the NY store then (tax free:p )
  7. ;)
    yes i confirm in milan and turin city is 945 and first 865 euro i have got a blueberry work andi paid for it more than 1000 euro one year ago

  8. If you are from outside the EU, you get the vat refund, so in Italy's case 12%. When you order from LVR they take off 12% when they ship to the USA (or outside the EU), but Bal Paris or say Harrods, takes off the full vat amount like 19.7% or whatever....strange. I think LVR is supposed to take off 20% but they dont know that.... that is what I was told by customs.
  9. In both Italy and France they take off about 12% when you do tax free... I think they give you back 16%, but then the tax free agency takes another 4% so you only end up getting 12% back. I'm not too sure why they only give you back 16%... VAT is 20. I have never heard that in other countries they give you the full 20% back... that rocks! Is that just in the UK?
  10. Well, VAT is 20%, but it's that weird thing that math does ... say something was $100, pre-VAT. VAT would be $20. You would see the price $120. But $20 isn't 20% of $120 - it's 16.7%. $20% of $120 is $24, which is more than the actual VAT.

    Make sense?

    Then you add in the fees that the agency takes, and you get the 12% or so that you get back.

    Sorry to geek out! Back to your regular scheduled program ...
  11. you rock for pointing this out to me... :idea:

    I really never thought about it but what your are saying totally makes sense.
    and to think that i actually have an MBA, but somehow i never put any thought into that calculation :confused1: :p
  12. what is strange is that when say Harrods ships from UK to USA, they take off the full VAT. Same with Bal Paris, they take off 19.6% or whatever it is. LVR takes off only 12% when they ship.

    I know that VAT in Italy is 20% and when you buy the bag in the store they give you the itax free nvoice and then you gte 12% vat back and the tax free company pockets the rest, but then instead when they ship to USA, they should take off 20% as do Harrods, BAL paris etc. Sorry, I know this is off subject.