How much is an LV monogram cerise pochette?

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  1. What the topic said :smile: hehe.
  2. I believe the retail on them was 355$ USD, if you can still find it in stores.
  3. One more question!

    I have a Sonatine and used it like 10 times. I"ve become quite tired of it so I'm thinking of selling it :sad: Its in very excellent condition. How much should I ask for? I was thinking 500.00 since I bought it for 604. What do you think?
  4. I don't think you'll be able to get that much for it (unfortunately).

    It may be a better idea just to hold onto it.. :sad:

    And are you on livejournal ? I think someone posted the same thing today !
  5. It was probably me in the LV community! hehe. I knew your user pic look fimilar!

    If anyone has a cerise pochette, I'd trade for it :biggrin:
  6. $355 but if you do some serious eBay research, you can get a used one for a very good price.

    look around eBay and see what Sonatine's are going don't want to price too hight because it may not sell. In my opinion, for a bag in excellent condition I would look at 20% markdown...That's about how much I've paid for bags/sold bags.
  7. Hmm.. 20% of what I paid? so, 480ish right? Wow. I think I'm gonna force myself to use it a bit more. It feels like such a waste :sad: Just like my Speedy 30 which I got rid of 4 uses after :X
  8. Aww.. boo, I would have so bought a Speedy if you had one.

    By the way, I'm a Torontonian too.. from Scarlem ! ;)
  9. Wow a sonatine for a cerise pochette? that's a great deal for whoever gets the Sonatine!

    I have a cerise pochette and yea, it was $355. Man this trade is very intriguing ;)
  10. Awesome :smile: I got rid of because I got so lazy carrying such a big bag by hand. Haha.
  11. How is old your pochette Jen? ;)

    PS: Excuse the double post, I didn't see Jen's post until after I submitted my other one :smile:
  12. I got it when it first came out (Feb 2005?) and I literally used it maximum 3 times, no more than 8 hrs per time. Haha, poor bag! :sad2:

    Same with the Panda pochette. Hm I think this is a sign that I should stop buying cute pochettes.

    Alice you don't like the sonatine anymore?
  13. Nah. I find it too classy for me. Haha. I mean, I dress up and go to a nice place like, once a year at most. I wanted something fun and I love those little cherry faces. I mean, if I still like the purse now, I think it would be a keeper, yes? :smile:
  14. definitely a keeper!

    i say before you go for a trade, advertise your sonatine on the handbag communities on LJ and see if anyone will pay you what you want for it. Then use that money to search for a used cerise pochette on ebay ;P
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