How much is an Alexa in Singapore?

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  1. Hi all,
    Does anyone know how much a Plum or Grape Alexa costs in Singapore and how much is the GST refund?
  2. The GST is 7%, you might want to check with Global Blue if you get the full amount back. Sorry, I'm not sure about the pricing - but Alexa stock tends to be in short supply here.
  3. Are you in England hikkichan? I wouldn't bother abt Mulberry in Singapore and Malaysia, I was recently on holiday in both countries and wanted the black Alexa and came out about £900!in both countries. Came back to England and bought mine at£695, now if you're buying in England an heading out I guess u could claim VAT back? I paid around £100 something on VAT. Hope this helps
  4. i don''t think you get the full refund as there is usually some admin fee involved. agree with wmenusa because i just got the alexa for 2 of my friends in singapore as i am going home in jan and even without the VAT refund in the UK as i'm resident, i am told that it is still cheaper here! pm if you need any info
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    The small sized Alexa is S$1960 both in black and oak colour.. Mulberry Singapore is currently having their seasonal sales (except the classic black and oak colour) up to 30% discount. I went Takashimaya yesterday and enquired about the small alexa in plum and the sales assistant quote me $1300 approx...
  6. Anyone in Singapore into mulberry ?