How much is a "Work"???

  1. In Vancouver they are selling for $1700cdn. How much is it going for in the US??
  2. New price is $1385 with the new collection.
  3. I am not sure if all styles went up - I was told the work, twiggy and I think the box.
  4. i donno shoegal, i think they all went up (at least @ the nyc store) s/s '06 ink weekender was also $100 more :cry:
  5. OMG, I thought they were just raising the new collection!!!!!!
  6. nope, unfortunately, my wallet's told a different story shoegal :sad:

    p.s. but like i said, AR didn't raise their prices on old bags
  7. Thanks - my last purchase was the new season. I guess if I decide to go for another color from last season I'll give AR a call. Do you use your weekender everyday - do you think its too big for everyday?
  8. yeppers, AR's the place to get last season's b-bags!!!...i didn't know about the price difference 'till it was too late :sad:...i'll probably be using my weekender mostly for travel & stuff, since i'm only 5'2 & it's super big on me...but i'm really in :heart: with it & if i were only a few inches taller, i'd definitely use it all the time :yes:
  9. oooooh! aaallabama! I love how the weekender looks on petite ladies! What color did you get?
  10. awe, that's so sweet avery-girl, i got the ink weekender :flowers:
  11. This is bad news! I was thinking of switching the blue-grey City for a Work...but that is a BIG price difference and there does not seem to the that much difference in size. Has anyone purchased Balenciaga from LVR? I know they are getting the Part-Time and the Work in blue-grey, but then there are customs fees, too.
  12. The ink sounds gorgeous! I'm about 5"5 and if I had one I would carry it around all the time! I saw a black one the other day I almost bought, but I stopped myself, at least for now...

    BTW, Moe: what color of work are you thinking of getting?
  13. I've never bought anything from LVR, but I know I really want a Part-Time in blue grey so they may be one of my only options at this point. Maybe I can get a blue grey purse to substitute for my sadness.:cry:
  14. 0o0o0o all this WORK b-bag talk is making me SO excitied! hehehe!