how much is a scarf at the outlet

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  1. so i am wondering if i should drive to the outlet and i wanted to know what are some prices of the scarfs at the outlet! low to high please
  2. I used to live near a Burberry outlet and scored some awesome deals there. If I were you, I would call and ask that specific outlet, especially if it's a drive for you.
  3. depend on what style you what. I have never seen the classic colors in the outlet. If you want to buy camel or trench color, you can try the department stores when they have the storewide discount.
  4. I don't know what it is now, but back in like 2012 I bought the charcoal giant check skinny studded scarf from winter 2010 at the desert hills outlet and it was $369 (original $495), which is about 25% off. Hth!