How much is a quid?

  1. After reading the Shopaholics books I was just curious... on my Shopaholics calendar today, there is a quote from the book and it said something cost 40 quid. What's quid compared to pounds? Is it like we would say in the US 40 bucks compared to 40 dollars?

    (edited to change "$40 quid" to "40 quid")
  2. Great question-- I often wonder this too (it's always in the books...)
  3. It's like pounds, I think the bucks/dollars comparison is good :yes:
  4. Quid is the same as pounds, so £40 quid would be the same as £40 pounds. Its slang I think?
  5. pounds are more expensive than american dollars. they treat the dollar the same as the pound, or "quid" but, it's roughly double for us. So, if it's 40 quid, its roughly 80 bucks. At least it was pretty much double for me when I was there 2 years ago :smile:
  6. I thought a quid was 50 pounds?
  7. A quid is one pound sterling. That is about 1 billion dollars. (Just kidding) It equals about $2
  8. 1 quid is = 1 doller we always used the word quid growing up in England, its slang.
  9. Thanks all! I wish I had asked this before I read the books because I kept trying to guess at what she was spending on stuff!
  10. lol...I had assumed it was pounds...glad to know I assumed right!!
    In October the pound cost $1.76 US
  11. Yep 1 British pound is a quid. So if I spent £10 on something i'd say I had spent ten quid. It's slang here in Britain - I say it all the time in my posts then think " blimey - better say pounds or they won't know what i'm talking about!"

    Okay how much is a buck then in terms of dollars? Is it equal to one dollar?
  12. Thanks for the info...I'm reading the series rite now as well and I have always wondered what she was talking about. I hated her to begin with but now just laugh at her and how she acts.
  13. Yes, it is. I usually say bucks -- "I bought something for 50 bucks" instead of 50 dollars..
  14. I love sophia kinsella's books! I've read all of them (:

    it's too bad the angel bag doesn't really exist (it doesn't, right??)
  15. My friend calls it squid.. just to be silly !