how much is a ostrich bearn wallet?

  1. its my birthday today so i'm going to celebrate me! in style of course... saw one in ny boutique but didn't ask. wasn't into it then but now i can't sleep thinking about it!!!
  2. Junior......I saw one in Vegas a few weeks ago and if I remember correctly, it was approximately $2,300.00 give or take a little. A lovely Ostrich Bern would make an excellent birthday gift for yourself.....Happy Birthday!!!!
  3. Happy birthday, Junior!!! Btw, there was a vert anis ostrich Bearn and a fuchsia ostrich Compact Bearn at SCP Hermes the last time I checked.
  4. thank you! i'm thinking of the hermes gold ostrich. i figure chevre is almost 1800, whats the extra 500 or so when you're spending that kind of money anyway...
  5. THAT'S the spirit!!! That's how I rationalize my ostrich spendings too.:P If you get an ostrich Bearn, please post pictures. Gold ostrich will look sooooo pretty!
  6. Happy birthday!!! :smile: We want to see pictures!
  7. Junior, happy birthday!

    Ostrich would be beautiful!
  8. Happy birthday and good luck with that! Love, love ostrich...
  9. Happy birthday! :flowers:
  10. thank you all! i love this forum!!!
  11. You'll love the ostrich!! Welcome!!

    Since ostrich has "dots" it's like some Asian superstitions that round things bring good luck and wealth!
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