How much is a new pochette strap?

  1. Can't find it on eLuxury, and am just wondering how much they cost?
  2. 54 i believe.
  3. I remembered seeing it from elux not too long ago for about $55-60? I forgot.
  4. New pochette strap?!?!?!?:amazed: I've never seen this before. I have the key/extender thingy that I use w/ my pochettes. When did the "new" pochette strap come out? Anyone have pics??
  5. I've seen it being carried in eluxury not too long ago. Don't have pics though.
  6. uh, when the op said "new" she doesn't mean "new style" but replacement strap.
  7. :yes: :yes: :yes: and when I say I saw it in eluxury, it's the replacement strap that I saw, and not anything that's different from what has been used as a strap for the pochettes.
  8. oic, ok thx...heehee!:shame:
  9. Email eluxury and they usually have items that are not on their webiste. Everytime i go on and see something I havent seen listed on the Eluxury site I would inquire Eluxury and they would provide a "secret" link.
  10. thanks everyone! yeah, i meant replacement strap (sorry to confuse lvcrazed) :smile:
  11. Thanks for the tip. I like that :graucho: But it baffles me why they would want to keep some of their merchandise out of the public's view?
  12. they are 50 bucks?
  13. That's ok!;)