How much is a Lindy?

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  1. I'm looking for a Lindy in Clemance / Swift leather. May I know about the price (in particular any tPFers who have bought it in Asia). Many thx! :drool:
  2. hi luvbirkin, i saw a clemence lindy (smaller one) in blue jean in person, and the price tag said $4700 USD i believe, not sure if asia would be the same or not.
  3. Thx msbean! In that case I really need to do some save-ups again :p But if I'm going to get an H bag for daily use, I will choose between a Trim II and Lindy....
  4. WOW! Those eBay prices are a killer! I'd always known eBay prices are at a premium but that's a lot!
  5. i believe the 31 is USD $ 4750 (swift) and 34 USD $ 5050 (swift). haven't seen the lindy in clemence at the store just yet.
  6. both clemence & toile versions are cheaper. unfortunately i forgot how much...
  7. I'd love to know the Euro pricing of the Lindy 34 in clemence...I should go down the road to the store but I am waiting for the washing machine to finish its cycle!!!
  8. 34cm Lindy in Clemence is $5,000 USD
  9. Grill,Lindy 30 should be around EUR 3.000
    and 34 around EUR 3.750
  10. Hi Missmarbella - I went to the boutique this afternoon and tried a white swift Lindy size 30 on for size. I found it quite boxy and a little small. they were out of 34s but the SA said that as it had been such a success it would be a continuing part of the Hermes repertoire. I was told that the smaller ones were in swift - they also had a black 30 and the larger Lindys in taurillon. As I recall, the price for the 34 was 3450 and the smaller 30 approx 3250 Euros.

    I am not really sure about the Lindy as yet - I am still more of a Birkin and a Kelly girl at heart. Interestingly, he was the second SA to discourage my interest in the JPG shoulder birkin. I also tried out a 32cm Orange Taurillon Kelly which was a perfect size - just not digging the orange for me - and a black 32 taurillon Kelly. Now if it had been a rouge garance I'd have been super tempted!!!
  11. Thanks Grill for the update.i got the estimated prices by end of last year...
    i am not so much for a Lindy by myself but it is defenetely an interesting bag!Black 32 kelly is TDF!!!!