how much is a head/ hair coach scarf at the coach outlet store?

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  1. 28 maybe? it was dirt cheap today though. I was goign to pick up the polka dot one for my hair, the same one I got when they first came out but then returned, but like the oblong better in my hair. Thats why I rid myself of the legacy ponytail one.
  2. is the oblong one more expensive than the ponytail ones?

    And... was the ponytail ones MUCH cheaper than 28 bucks?

    Also... what does your polka dot one look like? does it have the coach C logo on it too?

    How come you prefer the ponytail one over the oblong shape one?
  3. Yes the pokadot scarf has the signature on one side.

    The oblong is nicer beacuse it hangs down with your hair.
  4. i have a black/white polka dot one with the c's on the other side. i paid, maybe, $25 for it.

  5. so... does the headband one not hang down w/ the hair and is it shorter?

    how much was this polkda scarf at the outlet mall today?
  6. call an outlet and ask for specific pricings.

    Its a matter of preference.
    Of course the oblong is going to be more expensive then the ponytail, theres more material involved. the oblong (the silk ones, I'm not a fan of the sheer) can be bunch up and tied around the head and at the back of the neck can have a lazy bow, or can be used as a belt. I also have a ponytail scarf BUT its really long, also works fantastic for a belt.
    The polka dot scarf..had polka dots in a light muted creme, with a muted brown copper type of background. Reversed it had mini Cs in the same colorin g and COACH logo stamp in corner. It came in purple and kals black and white.

    You can just manage to tie it around your head, without anything fancy underneath. Although after a while the knot (at least mine) loosens and then I always have to fix it. Oblong is no fuss.

    Remember though the sales are strictly closed at 12, which passed already but they should still tell you how much it was for I guess for posterity.
  7. i saw scarves... and bought one going for 29.99 with 30% off cause it was clearence, andbecause of that early bird special, it was an extra 10% =)
  8. ah wish i got a scarf for that cheap!
  9. Over the summer I got a Coach ponytail scarf at the outlet for $13.
  10. ^^thats great Faith and Beebz!

    ::cough:: picts :smile:
  11. I think I paid 15 for my ponytail scarf about two months ago.
  12. I just pais $28 for the black polka dot/logo one at the outlet on Sunday. Hmpf! I missed the sale! Oh well, it was worth it :smile: It's mighty cute :smile: