How much is a Batignolles Horizontal in Hawaii?

  1. Does anyone know how much they sell for in Hawaii? My cousin's going there on a business trip and can possibly pick something up for me. Was wondering if it would be worth it. TIA!
  2. Not sure the exact price because I got mine before the price drop but I got my Speedy 25 for 560 and the elux price is 595. OUr tax is 4.75. If you want me to call and find out the price PM and I'll get the 411.
  3. the bh is 665 + 4.712% for tax
  4. I tried on the batignolles about a week ago and the price was:

    batignolles $595
    batignolles horizontal and vertical $665

    plus another 4.712% for taxes

  5. Thanks everyone. I'm going to definitely consider it. Gotta got try it on!
  6. See...this jsut kills me because hubby bought my BH for like 790 I think in March! Grrrrr.....!!!
  7. weird..the bh dropped in price in feb. another pfer bought hers a few weeks before the price drop and she returned it and bought it back with the lower price.
  8. Sorry, I meant March of last year.
  9. Yes, I got it for $665. It's my favorite everyday all-around bag.
  10. yep i can confirm the 665. i bought one this past weekend :smile:
  11. I love the BH, but I have the Cabas Piano and I can't justify another similar shoulder bag?! UGH!
    That is a great price for the Bat!!!! Go for it!
  12. Is Hawaii's price generally cheaper for LV? Why is that?
  13. I have a Cabas Piano too so I'm debating whether or not it's too similar to the BH. The Cabas Piano is a little too small for me when I have my toddler with me, but they're both shoulder bags. So I can't decide! And it's a lot about $80 cheaper than in CA because of sales tax. Hmmmm....
  14. Hawaii's prices for LV are ~4-6% cheaper, plus the sales tax is relatively low. I'm not sure why.... :shrugs: , but I'm not complaining! :smile:
  15. i have a cabas piano as well. i see them as 2 different bags. like you said the bh is definitely bigger, but i feel like the piano has a more structured feel. i love them both though :smile:

    i was once told (long time ago) that hawaii is not part of the US stock, so maybe its like "international" pricing? anywho buying LV in oregon would be the same lol.