How much in the USA for Gucci Large HOBO

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  1. Hi All

    Well after being sold a really bad fucci and going through a dreadful ebay experience, I decided to treat myself and buy my Gucci Large HOBO in beighe/brown canvas....

    In Toronto this bag is 1295.00
    I wanted to know how much it is in the US and if I should buy it their as our Canadian $$ is at a great exchange.
    I will pick it up today if no one on the forum says get it in the US or if there is another way to get this bag cheaper

    this will be a big purchase for me financially so I want to do it right!

    What would be my closest point ...New York and Where should I go?

    Thanks a bunch - I'm also going to pick up a wallet that is on pre-sale
    YAY! :biggrin:
  2. Hi Deja, My gf bought a large Gucci horsebit hobo on presale at i believe $965 us dollars in navy and it is GORGEGOUS! I wouldve bought one except she bought the last large navy :sad: ! I'm thinking of the medium red hobo hmmmm!! Anywho, good luck and I hope this helps! :flowers:
  3. Medium red is stunning...great with blues. blacks and browns...amazing pop of colour.

    I'm thinking with the exchange, I might as well buy the tan at full price becasue it will work out to the same anyway.

    Thanks for your help! - Your GF is a lucky gyal!
  4. Ooohh I highly recommend the tan Deja, I adore mine, the color is so versatile!
  5. The large beige/brown GG Horsebit Hobo is $1150 here in the US
  6. That is not too much of a difference...I am going to buy it today! I can't believe it! It is going to be my FIRST Gucci purchase.

    Now I just have to break it to my guy! Um honey, I just bought a purse that is the same as our rent tee hee

    I should start a new thread on the best tips/advise to tell or not tell your sig. other what you bought.
    or tips on how to save AFTER you've purchased i.e. brown bag lunches, another route home...skipping the mall etc.

  7. Awesome! Can't wait to see pics
  8. The leather ones runs around $1500 I believe with tax. When I got mine it was about $1400 plus tax (it was a new color so it was a tad more), but I think prices have gone up. Are you looking for leather or print?
  9. Thanks meg. I was thinking about the print but I decided to go with another style...bought it yesterday. If there is another sale, I may buy my HOBO then.

    Thanks all!