How much/how long do will I wear my patent navy jumbo

  1. patent flap?? Or--better question--how much would each of you wear it? I bought it weeks ago and it still isn't out of the box. But, come Spring--this year and next--it should be a great bag, yes?
  2. I would wear it ALL the time -- I think they look amazing with jeans - particularly the navy!

    I would get that baby out now... and wear her!

    Congrats!! You have my next Chanel bag -- I think!
  3. I have this bag and I don't have a problem wearing it with anything. I love it and I get tons of compliments on it. Since, I bought the GST, I haven't changed out of it yet. I am so loving it.
  4. i would wear it with everything. i think it's stunning. i am DYING for a navy chanel bag!
  5. I love that bag...I'd be using it right now!!!
  6. That is a year round bag !
  7. The navy patent looks fab with jeans, you can definitely wear it now and in the spring/summer! I think I'll carry my E/W tomorrow for a little mall trip haha, I've been inspired! :smile:

  8. I am really sorry I missed out on the navy Jumbo patent! I think it is a great bag for jeans and casual wear. I'm not keen on the Jumbo in caviar but if I had the navy patent I think it would get some really good mileage!
  9. I just got kept growing on me until I decided to get one this weekend :graucho: IMO, it's a year round bag...just stunning!