How Much Hermes Should You Wear?


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Feb 28, 2006
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Small leather goods in bags do not count, they're unseen.

Here are my rules of thumb:

If the pieces are very recognizable, one major piece and one minor piece (ie: a Birkin and one other accessory -scarf, watch, bracelet...)
Bag charms should be limited to one (a charm or a scarf but not both)

Otherwise, mix & match, baby!

My usual haul is watch, bracelet, with a bag that has either a twilly or a charm on it. Sometimes a scarf or pocket square.

There are no logos, so other H fanatics (or SAs) no one can tell because everything is well made but understated. It makes me look more pulled together, IMHO.


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Jun 17, 2006
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I think most accessories are only recognizable to Hermes fanatics anyway.... I saw a TV presenter the other day (German TV) and she wore a Chain d'ancre necklace and a Constance belt. I don't think too many people recognized that she wore 2 Hermes pieces.

Personally, I hardly ever leave the house without a scarf. I like to use accessories sparingly, so the scarf is usually the star in my attire. I like the Jumbo bracelet because it is simple and elegant and 'fits in'. The double tour Kelly bracelet sometimes attracts too much attention, so that comes out on dressier occasions. Plus a bag, makes three accessories (not a fan of charms, so there aren't any for me). But there will be a belt soon, so that will be four...


Nov 21, 2006
Its tough though, because everything looks so great together, but I wouldn't want to look like a poster child for the brand. So in wearing more than one thing at a time, how do you gals (or guys) continue your stamp of personal style?


Apr 2, 2006
One of the H sas went to lunch and back wearing a H scarf and a gucci bag and she looked so good. The scarf is so pretty and could not help complimenting it , (it was the cles design same as my orange twilly). I hardly notice anyone wearing H beside their bags. It is quite discreet.


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Mar 12, 2006
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Oh crap! I have very little H stuff compared with most of you & now I realise I can't even wear it. It just dawned on me that maybe just my watch, scarf, H belt & (yet to arrive) birkin might be too much .:sad:
Humph! Perhaps I'll get over it with practice. :P


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Dec 16, 2006
I often wear Hermes earrings, scarf, bag, watch, boots, gloves it depends, most of my Hermes is low-key and simple so it goes under the radar, where I live even my Kelly isn't recognised. Every now and again, I'll take something off before I leave the house, it's usually an enamel bangle as these are the eye-catching pieces I own so I often reserve these for when I'm all in black and have no ther accessories. I don't put scarves on my bag, just the hippo on my Kelly which I swop for the padlock and I'm hoping to buy an animal charm for my Picotin. It's funny, the time when I wear the least amount of Hermes is when I'm visiting a new Hermes store; just a bag and maybe earrings, I don't know why, I suppose amongst SAs I feel they would all be ticking off a list when they look at me, LOL, or they might feel I am trying to gain approval, can't really explain it, I prefer to let the SAs know how much I love H through discussion about the items.


Jan 5, 2007
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As with any other brand, too much logos are nono. Hermes hardly flaunts any logos so I don't see how you can go very wrong unless you have a scarf with a lot of Hs H bucle, H shape on sandals etc etc.

Allaboutnice; yeah I kind of agree on the going to the store part, you wouldn't want to seem desperate kind of.


Sep 1, 2006
The more Hermes, the better! Their pieces are wonderfully well I'll be wearing my Bolide, H scarf and scarf ring, H gold ring, H gold bracelet, H perfume....doggie keychain and Heart cadena on my Bolide.


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Mar 21, 2006
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Especially, now that it's cool out...I sometimes do two scarves. One on Birkin etc. and one on me. I can do two bracelets, shoes, a cadena, even a sweater. I think that it's easy to wear Hermes clothes and shoes because they are so subtle. No one ever knows what brand my clothes are unless I'm in Hermes. I think it's part of the fun to be gauche every once in a while. Too much prim and proper Hermes puts me to sleep.
EMNH. exactly ! I totally agree, well put. :yes:


Sep 21, 2006
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Liberté;2248671 said:
As with any other brand, too much logos are nono. Hermes hardly flaunts any logos . . . .
I feel that as long as you feel good walking out the door and can carry it off, anything goes. Of course, this will vary from person to person. I saw someone with a picotin with two key chains and a scarf - it looked darling. I know that if I am wearing an enamel bracelet that has "Hermes" in large letters as part of the decoration I am careful what other H things go along with it. But as Pazt and others have said, H is low key.


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Jan 29, 2006
I think because Hermes is so understated, you can get away with wearing more than one/two items at a time. It will be a whole dif. story with LV, etc. mono stuff piled on, you know?
Feb 20, 2007
Let's just say I wouldn't wear an H clic clac bracelet and a constance belt at the same time. But, a bag, scarf and H bracelet or scarf and bag and cadena would be OK.