How Much Hermes Should You Wear?


baguette collector
Mar 1, 2006
Hey, I don't think it is a big deal wearing three things as long as you don't mix Hermes scarves that clash together, LOL!
I just wore a Hermes cashmere scarf with my black wool coat the other day along with my LV speedy mono.
I was shopping in Montreal and two "fashion-inclined" French guys turned around in the mall to take a second look-it was a cool feeling.
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Sep 21, 2006
Never Never Land
While most of you may disagree with me, I currently have a pocket square on my birkin with a matching key chain underneath. Because it coordinates (usually color) and just peaks out, I think that it looks great fun. I have the pocket square with the oranges and lemons for example and I put the orange or lemon key chain on my bag on the same side as the pocket square.


Mar 6, 2006
Sus, that sounds really cute! :nuts: If I'm carrying say my LV Speedy I have worn it with my Hippo cadena and a pocket square.


Jul 6, 2006
I wonder is it ok to wear Hemes bag, scarf, keychain all at once.

I see women wear other designers that might include
bag, wallett, scarf, umbrella, key chain?

What do you think? :shrugs:

I think its perfectly OK cos Hermes stuff don't scream HERMES like the Fendi, Dior or Chanel.
I wear hermes tops or bottoms with my bags, mousseline or scarf all the time !

Frankly, most wont even know your clothes or scarf or keychain are from Hermes :P

Heres a tip. Look at the Hermes fashionshow, do the models ever look overdecked in Hermes ??
NEVER. If I can afford it, I'd dress like the catwalk models all the time :supacool:


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
This has got to be the cutest dog on the planet, Katyc.......OT, I know but I can't help myself.......every time I see this avatar I SMILE!!!

La Vanguardia

Dec 21, 2005
As long as you don't have clashing colors/prints, big logos, etc. then I think it's fine. With H clothes, normally they don't have logos so others don't even know they're H.


Sep 15, 2006
As long as it's all balanced and worn with grace and style, you won;t go wrong with too much Hermes :smile: Currently I'm at work wearing a Hermes scarf, H belt, H pumps, H bracelet, Birkin bag with H charm, and inside the Birkin lots more other H accessories. Oh and using H agenda/planner. Minus the crazy H post-it note holder <hahaha>

Ninja Sue

Dreaming of vacation
Aug 7, 2006
In an orange world
:roflmfao: -------> HG, that is hysterical!! On the typical day, I will wear an H scarf, watch, bracelet and bag (maybe shoes, too). But, if I'm all H accessorized, I won't accessory my bag.
I have no problem wearing Hermes all around. I usually wear a scarf, 1 to 2 bracelets, belt, lots of charms on my bag, shoes, and sometimes I will wear my watch. I almost ALWAYS carry a Hermes bag that is full of Hermes accessories leather also.

The way I see it is why buy it if you can't wear it. I usually don't care what people think about me wearing H head to toe. If the colors don't clash what's the problem?

Isn't this the reason we love Hermes? Their styles and the glamour they bring to the wearer. Why, I don't mind being a walking advertisement for Hermes at all.

Also you get more out of your Hermes visits when your decked out in H, they WANT to see you decked out in H because then they will know that your in it for the love of Hermes and a lifetime customer and your not just a passerby, your in it for the love of the game!