How Much Hermes Should You Wear?

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  1. I wonder is it ok to wear Hemes bag, scarf, keychain all at once.

    I see women wear other designers that might include
    bag, wallett, scarf, umbrella, key chain?

    What do you think? :shrugs:
  2. I guess it's all boils down to individual taste. One bag, one accessory for me. Else looks too busy.
  3. I think that would be perfectly fine!!
  4. Today? I wore an Hermes Scarf, the Ano cuff and my Caramel Chevre Kelly with Pegasus dangling off it.

    I think it all worked well together!

    I wouldn't wear a scarf AND have one tied to my bag though....that's too much.
  5. Oh, I see what you are asking now. One bag one accessory hanging on the bag. All the H small leather goods inside the bag do not count, since they cannot be seen.

    Apart from the bag itself, wearing a H scarf and a H bracelet or H necklace would be just about alright.

    When is it too much .... hypothetically, a H blouse, H skirt/pants, H scarf, a H bracelet, a H necklace, H ear-studs, H belt, H shoes all at once.

    Maybe the rule of thumb would be =< 3 H items on yourself? Fashionistas, what say you?
  6. 3 sounds good. The most I've worn is bag, pocket square (on pony tail or as a headband), bracelet and sometimes earrings. But usually when I wear the earrings I skip the scarf. (but they are just blue enamel circles with PH so they are pretty low key). :shrugs:
  7. well, I think balloon print leggings, hermes blouse, himalaya, golf scarf, beaver charm and leopard enamel earrings would look great.
  8. Oooh an ensemble to be envied for all eternity!!! :roflmfao:
  9. Especially, now that it's cool out...I sometimes do two scarves. One on Birkin etc. and one on me. I can do two bracelets, shoes, a cadena, even a sweater. I think that it's easy to wear Hermes clothes and shoes because they are so subtle. No one ever knows what brand my clothes are unless I'm in Hermes. I think it's part of the fun to be gauche every once in a while. Too much prim and proper Hermes puts me to sleep.
  10. i am a minimalist when it comes to accessories, period. i feel like a christmas tree if i wear more then one piece of jewelry. and i count a scarf as an accessory/jewelry.
    so first off, the # of accessories are a matter of personal taste and style. then, going from there, how many are from one designer i think more depends on the look of the pieces rather then the origin. for example, the collier de chien (sp? sorry) bracelet and a matching belt would show a lack of imagination. or a kelly bag and a kelly watch or kelly necklace or kelly bracelet. that's too matchy matchy. the horn bracelet like shopmom has doesn't scream hermes, and it's not flashy, so it works with a scarf and a bag. this is all just my opinion, mind you. it's not the fashion law. lol
    hermes does bags really really well. their scarves are nice, but not as important to me - a scarf in general. basically, i think people should shop based on what they like, not the label attached to it. for me, everything hermes produces is not desirable.
  11. ^ I really like you, EMNH!
  12. Wait a minute...can you see me right now?:wlae:
  13. Lol!!!!!!!
  14. LOL ... how true. :greengrin:
  15. I don't mind wearing and carrying H head to toe. RTW normally does not have the H logo and the bags just have a tiny stamp. so, its very discreet - of course, to the H fanatics, you'll be a walking H adverisement but I won't mind!
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