How Much Have You Spent So Far...

  1. On handbags, wallets, accessories??? Come on now ladies.. now is no time to be shy, we all know some of us have spent ridiculous amounts on ONE bag, add it up and share!! (you can post exact # if you know it, but ballpark will do fine)

    Me personally, the number is approximately, $3300.. not too bad if I may say so myself. :amuse:
  2. In the last two weeks, no kidding, I have spent around $1600 (2 LV's, one Coach).

    The last 4 months prior (when I first started going bag crazy) I spent a total of $2600 (a Fendi, LV,a few Coach bags). So in total it has been $4200.

    I have been miserably depressed the past two weeks:cry: , that explains the constant shopping. But they were good deals on ebay. :shame:
  3. So far this year about $2K all on LV. There are a couple more things I want but I think I need to slow down a little with a tuition bill coming up in 1 month :smile:
  4. This year? Eh, Roughly $1300. 3 Coach handbags and 2 Coach mufflers. Not too bad. . .And that was with restraint! :P
  5. This year?

    Umm... hmm...

    3400. I'm TERRIBLE!!!

    1 Fendi Baby Spy, One LV Multicolore Pochette (bought a used one for a friend for her birthday - had to go and buy one for myself!), One Papillon 30 and One Dior Saddle Bag.

    I'm BAD!

  6. Wow, you got me thinking..
    after a quick count I realised that I've spent a little more than 4000$ in less than a year:amazed: :shame:
    But I'm sure it's not that bad comparing to others here..(excuses, excuses..)
  7. so far this year i've spent about about $2600.
  8. I saw that in the previous posts you were explaining where did all that money went so here is mine..
    Gucci messenger, LV cerises pochette & strap, 1 black Prada, 2 MIu miu, black Balenciaga city, teal Balenciaga twiggy, pink Luella gisele large, black Chanel pochette, Gucci wallet, LV vernis cles & matching agenda and I'm sure I'm forgeting some :weird:
  9. Omg i just realised I spent $2070 in just 2 weeks on 2 bags...sigh...No wonder I'm broke!
  10. No, actually that's more than 4000$. I didn't realise that it was so much..I shouldn't have seen this thread:amazed:
  11. Too. Freaking. Much. :lol:
  12. Pleading the "5th" here...:shame:
  13. I just realized I spent over $ 1000 last weekend alone [​IMG] I finally bought myself the Cabas Piano I've been eyeing for a while... and picked up a pochette for my lil' sister. I really want a new wallet (eyeing a Chanel wallet), but realizing how much I've spent, I probably should wait awhile.. it's only April!
  14. So far £595 on the popincourt haut and wapity, not too bad really.
  15. If I do not acknowledge it its not "real" I prefer not to think about it....