How Much have you spent on a Gift Bag?

  1. I have almost no limit when it comes to buying a bag for myself and I think a lot of you relate to that.
    I was wondering - what's the most you have spent on a handbag for someone else?
  2. I spent about $650 for my sister's LV Speedy 30, Christmas 2005. She teared up when she opened it, she was so happy!
  3. $1450 for a Prada antic cervo hobo for my niece. the other niece got the LV denim pleaty ($1150, I think) I was pretty generous last year. Too bad my daughters-in-law don't care for designer bags. I get suck a kick when the nieces are excited over a special bag--we carry the same "purse genes", I think!!
  4. i have a 1k limit on buying handbags for my nieces graduation for highschool. I get them LV
  5. So generous!!
    So far I've spent 250 on a D&B, that was for my mom 10 yrs ago.
    I usually try to find super values on nice Adrienne Vittadini's or nice Calvin Klein clutches for gifts.
  6. Around $800 for a Gucci purse for my mom's b-day back when I was still in college 7 yrs ago. I had never bought anyone else bag since then. Personally I don't have any girl friends that are close enough for me to spend hundreds on, but I wouldn't set a limit for my mom and sisters (I would get it for them if I have the money for it).
  7. None of my gfs sport designer bags, and buying them just doesn't go over. Mom is fastidious about her collection, and prefers to buy her own. I tend to just put money on gift cards (up to 500)
  8. up to 1k each for my mom and mother in law.
  9. $100. considering none of them like designer things anyway, and i push swing packs and scarves and little things on them anyway!
  10. Funny, I've actually never bought a bag for someone else... it's too personal I find. The only person I know who likes designer bags is my mother, and it would be hard to pick one out (unless she had been hinting)... shoes and makeup are much safer for me!
  11. i bought my sister a monogram manhatten GM with double zippy and my grandma a boulonge, and my sister a mini speedy i think tis called the lil iddy biddy one its so sweet haha
  12. shirley for my mom about 850

    keepall for my assistant about the same