How much give should boots have to tuck in jeans?

  1. I have veeeeeeeeeeeeeerrry wide calves (20" to be exact) and want to know how much more give should you have in general to wear jeans inside of boots and also to just function normally (without cutting off circulation, lol)?
  2. you definitely need a substantial amount because your jeans (and socks) are going to have to fit in there. if the boots are too tight, then you won't even be able to pull the boots up and over your jeans and socks. plus it's really uncomfortable if the boots are too tight around the calves--one of my black boots are waaay too tight around the calves and it's soo uncomfortable!!
  3. ^^^Ok. Thanks for the quick response. :smile:
  4. I also have wide calves. 14" to be exact. It's hard enough finding boots that will accompany my calves let alone calves+jeans. I figure you need half an inch more space since jeans are bulky. One trick I do if the boots are tight is wear skinny cutoff jeans with the boots. The bottom hem of the jeans are covered by the boot but it's less to tuck in. Hope that helps.