how much for the gucci blondie?

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  1. i just paid $1K for a gorgeous solid black blondie bowler, pre-owned, in nearly impeccable condition :rolleyes: ...whaddayouthink?
  2. I don't know what the bag looks like{?}

    I'm moving this to Gucci. . . .
  3. here ya go SwankyMamaof3 :smile:
  4. I love that bag and its hard to get since Gucci isn't making it anymore. I've seen this one and the one with the green/red/green stripe. I like. Did you get it from eBay or a store?
  5. i lucked out big time & found it on was one of the only authentic gucci bags on the whole site...and the only real blondie bowler :love:
  6. Wow! That is lovely! Congratulations, what a find! :smile:
  7. thanks so much love,bags...i'm really over the moon about it :heart:
  8. its a really pretty bag.. hope u enjoy it..
  9. awe, thanks so much bluxcape...thanks to all of you for validating my obsession :yes:
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