How much $$$ for Mandy?

  1. I know that they can be hard to find, but for anyone who has been able to track one down - can you tell me approx. how much $$$ Mandy's are going for at the outlets?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I do not know about the outlets, but I do know lots of us girls here got one on eBay. I paid like $350.00 with shipping. There are lots of them still for sale on there.
  3. I got a whiskey Mandy on eBay about a month ago for $469.
  4. Good info! Thanks!
  5. You couldn't pick a better time to buy a Mandy on eBay. There are a TON of them listed and the prices are excellent.
  6. $585 for white at Lancaster last Fri.
  7. $299 on ebay plus $15 shipping :tup:
  8. I just saw a white one tonight and it was $719.00 w/20% off. It was the only one there , they said it was a return.
    The bottom of the bag was all dirty so that ended any temptation I had to buy it.:yes:
  9. I bought this one for $350 before tax at the outlet last week
    Legacy Shoulder Satchel.jpg
  10. I love your bag!:tup: