How much for Epi Speedy 30?

  1. What's the most I should spend for Epi Speedy 30 in very gently used condition?

  2. anyone?
  3. you mean the $890 one on Elux?

    This item must have sold out quickly- because it's only available in black on Elux and why is it called "Epi Soft Speedy 30"? is there a more sturdier one?
  4. No, not a new epi speedy. Possibly buying one from a reseller. Just wondering what's the max I should spend on a used epi speedy 30? Don't want to pay more than what fair market value is. KWIM? The condition is very gently used.
  5. For gently used (3-6 months carried less than 10-15 times) I'd say 80% of the retail. If there are scuffs, marks, discoloration of any kind, I'd go with 70-80%.

    For VERY gently used (0-3 months, carried less than 10 times) no marks, scuffs, inadequacies of any kind, I'd say 90-95% retail, unless its a color that is hard to find, then it would be @ retail or above......