How much for chanel luxury bowling..?

  1. Hi guys,

    I've been lookinf for luxury bowling bag either medium or large,anyknow know how much is it???
    and anyone seen one???
    how about in Hk store?? or maybe state??

    thx guyssss
  2. Hi, it is one of the luxury range, I think in the price range of US$2,500.
    Mostly sold out I would say. Very beautiful bag.:tup:
  3. some patents are still avaiable
  4. Oh really?:nuts: What color did you see xoStephxo ? I love the navy blue~
  5. thx guys...

    $ the patent around that price too? or is it cheaper?
  6. patent is the same price.
  7. They are supposed to be coming out with a crackled patent bowler in September, in black and gold.
  8. thx gwen :tup:

    they said bowler used to come in small, medium and large. but now it's only one size...what is the new size?
  9. Pretty sure it's the med.
  10. yes, medium