How much for a used paddington?

  1. I was wondering if anybody knows how much a used paddington will cost in the market? Since I think the price will not be as high as before..

  2. I think the price would depend on the condition of the bag and rarity of the color. I heard a lot of people saying used paddingtons have gone down in price on Ebay.
  3. ^^^^ ditto that.

    i think it ranges from 900 and up.
  4. Iwouldnt sell for less than £450
  5. During the slow periods on Ebay paddingtons used paddingtons were going for $800...once the slow period stops (this fall) they tend to go back up in price for 1K or more.
  6. They seem to be selling for 900 up. I've seen some for less but in less than perfect condition.
  7. Does anyone with access to the Marketplaza know if there are any paddingtons for sale there? and how much? Thanks! :yes:
  8. if u have access to the MP, you are not allowed to discuss it elsewhere on the board....
  9. Oh thanks for that info. Sorry! I am obviously new here :smile: