How much for a used mini Paddy would you pay?

  1. If it's in good condition, with one small ink stain inside? :confused1: The two I saw on ebay claim to be fairly new condition and listed at high prices.

    The thing is, I am considering listing my mini-Paddy on Ebay since, thanks to various injuries from a car accident lately, I can't seem to carry it anymore. I mean, it's just sitting there, looking at me, upset it's not being taken out and shown off, but my back requires really light bags like bbags now (expensive tastes have not changed! :nuts: ).

    (And, note to Moderators, I just want to know how much to list it for on Ebay when I do sell it, and I'm definitely not trying to sell it here! if I'm committing a PF sin, please PM me and let me know.)
  2. Its a toughie actually Amina, on the plus side, they are rarer and produced in much smaller numbers than the regular paddy so from a rarity point of view, that is great. But the down side is that because the retail was almost as much as the medium paddy, alot of people find it hard to justify.

    I was lucky enough to get a mini bowler and have been offered the full asking price for it, even used, but that is because only one per store was allowed. I would say that if it is a regular colour, start at a price that you think is appropriate, and if you get no offers, you will know that you need to reduce it slightly
  3. I know, that's why I needed help! :s It's a tan colour, and I've got the NAP packing and all, so I guess I'll have to think about this one.
  4. Tan is one of the nicest colours. What did you pay for it, about 675 gbp. If you did, you have all the packaging, and the receipts, I would pitch it to start with at about 500 gbp. Its a fair price, for a rarer than usual bag. Maybe you could accept best offers for it to, it will give you a good idea of what people expect to pay :smile:
  5. That's a very good idea. I'll try that. it cost around $1300 or so, so I'll try selling it for a bit less with a BO option.