How much for a Spy in HK?

  1. Hi all,
    Just wondering how much does a cognac spy retails for in HongKong? TIA. :heart:
  2. Same retail as everywhere else...but the second-hand market is you can get one for between $1000-$1500 USD. :smile:
  3. Oh that's interesting. Where's the second hand market?
  4. There are a bunch of second-hand stores here, but probably the most well known is Milan Station. I bought my Spy (chocolate), in immaculate condition for $1100. It's just about stumbling onto the right deal at the right time. BTW...I saw a cognac spy tonight for $1150.....
  5. that'a a great price! do they send stuff over to australia?
  6. Argh, I love Milan station, it's too bad Hong Kong probably won't be in my travel plans for another few years !