How much for a Excellent condition 3 month old Damier 30?

  1. i want to sell mine on eBay and there aren't much that are being sold on there right now...but its' in excellent condition but i dont know how much to start the price at....i was thinking 550$ since eBay takes so much money out (seller fees, final value fees) + shipping and paypal you guys think that is too much? definately not under 500 though but need some opinions on if it would even sell for that much....?

    bag lovers help! =)

  2. $530- $550 sounds reasonable to me?
  3. aww thank you john 5!!! so i'm not crazy after all! hehehe. i just think $350 is wayy too cheap for an authenthic like new excellent condition LV speedy 30!!! (i saw one listed for 350$ damier speedy 30 in "excellent condition")
  4. I saw the previous auctions of this bag, and they went for approx. $500-$650. If yours is in excellent condition, you may be able to sell it more than $550. You have to sign-in your eBay account to be able to check the completed listings. Good luck.