How much for a 1kt tennis bracelet???

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  1. Hi guys!!!!

    I have always wanted a Diamond tennis bracelet but nothing too flashy....I wanted a low kt one but did not find them untill recently......I have been noticing some that are 1kt or alittle above and have been trying to fiquere out what I would be expected to pay for them. One of them was priced at $1100.00, is this o.k???
  2. It depends on the diamond quality and size, but I have generally priced them from $400-900 if they are 14k or 18K gold.
  3. I have a 2ct bracelet, set in 14K yellow gold, and my husband paid $1K for it.
  4. Wow! I love that deal!!! I went to go purchase it and finally they gave me a price of $700.00 for a bezel set tennis bracelet in 1kt...

    Thanks you guys for your input!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  5. It looks lovely on you!
  6. what a pretty bracelet!! congrats!! :love:
  7. Gorgeous bracelet. I love it. Looks great on you.
  8. Nice bracelet, congrats!
  9. Thanks you guys!!!!

    My family was commenting on how little the diamonds were...:p but I love that they are low key and give it that sparkle every now and then.... Its going to be my everyday piece....

    But now Im broke.....:shame: