How much fits into the Large Classic Flap and PST?

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  2. Ok. I think I am getting converted to the flaps. The more I look at pics of celebs and other tPF'ers carrying looks so pretty. :smile:

    So here are my finalists for who gets to be my first black chanel bag, and my concers about each.

    I want a bag that will at minimum hold the following, for those that have the bags listed, please let me know what you can shove into it. :p

    small LV wallet, Chanel Checkbook wallet, Chanel hard sunglass case, small cell phone, keys and slim digital camera.

    1. Jumbo Classic Flap-How much does this hold? Is it too bulky? Or does it hang ok? I've seen it on rockerchic is also petite (I am only 4'11). -Which looks better gold or silver?

    2. Large classic falp-if this is big enough to get my goods in it, should i opt for the smaller size?

    3. PST

    Thanks! You guys always give the best opinions, if I asked darling BF he's say, Huh? What? Can we just get a PS3? :p
  3. schoom, I can get all of those things into my jumbo flap bag with no problem. It hangs fine. It's a great bag and a perfect size, IMO.
  4. I have the PST and the Large Classic Flap. The PST will hold all the items you mentioned but the large flap will not. If you need to carry all those items, you should opt for the jumbo flap.

    Personally, I feel the jumbo flap looks too big on me (I'm 5' 1"). The straps are longer than the ones on the large flap and it hangs right at my hip which I don't like.