How much fits in the Vernis Sunset Blvd?

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  1. Im considering the Vernis Sunset Blvd - in pearl.. as a going out, evening clutch.. But from the photos it seems very slim, more like a wallet then a purse..

    will i be able to hold a blackberry, and a digital camera in there? does anyone know...

    also, my other gripe.. if this bag retails for $780, why in gods name is someone selling a used one on ebay for $800? i never get that! lol
  2. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I've posted same queries before. Above pics are courtesy from Jazzie! Nope, I did not get, still on my wishlist, hee... Hope it helps. :smile: A 2nd-hand one retail for more?! Haha...
  3. I have the amarante sunset and it holds quite a bit more than I thought it would...I can fit my phone (treo), cles or ludlow wallet and lip gloss with room to spare!


    btw, that bag holds alot! :flowers::upsidedown:
  5. Bag Fetish, thanks for the link! I LOVE the baby in the bag!
  6. I have the same Eeyore in Piglet Costume HP strap dangling off my phone! :love:
  7. The Sunset is really useful and holds quite a bit. I love mine! It was my wedding clutch.