how much fits in the LV pouchette?

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  1. i'm thinking seriously about buying an LV cerises pouchette as my reward for losing weight (its either that or a return to tiffany's choker. i cannot for the life of me decide if the choker has become classic or not...).

    i'm buying myself a speedy 30 for my birthday in august (might not be able to wait! probably will have it in july. heh)...would the pouchette work as a makeup type bag? i usually carry around a small le sport sac one with some blotting papers, LOTS of lip gloss, mints, hair ties, gum etc. also, how well does the design hold up if it's floating around in another bag?

  2. Congrats! I'd much rather have the pochette. I'm a diehard Tiffany fan but prefer other pieces.

    The pochette will be the perfect mate for your Speedy. You can hook it right onto the D ring and store your little essentials in there. :smile:
  3. Same here. I'd rather have the pochette than the Tiffany piece.
  4. Here's my pochette with phone, pochette cles w/car keys, business card holder, gum, cigs, lighter and lip gloss.:smile: I think it holds just enough!!!
  5. I'd go for the pochette. The Tiffany's necklace will be around for quite awhile due to its popularity. When I use mine, I switch to my Ludlow wallet instead of my usual. In addition, I have: Damier 4 key holder keycase, cell, a couple makeup items, pen (capped of course lol) and a little container of mints. It's pretty versatile as both an evening bag and a makeup case for another larger bag.
  6. thanks for all the replies ladies! still haven't decided but now i have lots more info to work with. :smile: probably won't decide til i go play with both. but lv babydoll makes a good point about the tiffany being around forever.

    do y'all think the cerises line works ok as a stand alone? like if i wanted to use it as a clutch...does it look too childish?
  7. Is that a Black Suhali Pouchette Cles that I spy in your well organized MC pouchette?
  8. Aww nevermind! I just looked at your thread in the Showcase forum. I didn't see the vachetta on the framing, so it threw me a little. I assumed it was Suhali from the zipperpull...
  9. In my opinion, the cerises is really cute. I mean yeah if you're walking around in pigtails, snapping your bubblegum, it'll look childish lol. But my mom uses my Speedy 25 sometimes and I use my pochette when I go out every so often and I get nothing but compliments on it. I'd say though, that it also depends on the venue you're in and the company you're keeping at that time. If you're at a more "serious" event or with those same type of people, maybe the cerises won't work. But for everyday use and going out at night to maybe a movie or something, it's a great little bag :smile:
  10. Not too childish if you're talking about the pochette...two little cherries are pretty inconspicuous, and they're only on one side of it. I loooove mine.

    Now if you're talking the Sac Plat or the Speedy, that's another story...
  11. The Speedy is not so bad because you can't tell their cherries unless you look *really* close. My mom borrows it sometimes. But the Sac Plat with all those HUGE cherries was definitely the most hideous thing created.
  12. yeah, definately talking about the pouchette. it's the only thing you can still find in the boutiques (if you ask, they aren't allowed to display them the SA said), i see it as more practical than the coin purse, and it's the most i'm willing to spend on something i see as very trendy (but cute enough i don't care). i thought the speedy was cute, but too much for something that would obviously date itself and the sac plat was soooo not my style.

    you all have almost talked me into it...i think it will be a fun everyday essentials bag, and doubles as a clutch (which i don't have any of)'s not like i wear anything but jeans and tees when i go out anyway. i live in oregon after all. :smile: i think i'll call tomorrow and have them hold one til wednesday when i can get up to portland to see it in person (i know they have them at the closest LV boutique because i called the 800 number today and asked about them)...oooh now i'm excited. :smile:
  13. Dang, you can fit quite alot in there! You're good... really good... :lol: ::thumbs up::
  14. No, I WISH!!! It's a black MC one. Suhali anything is def. on my list!!!:love:
  15. i hope you get a pochette! you'll use it everyday and it holds lots! hehehe!

    thanks for sharing your pics LV addict!