How much fits in a carryall?

  1. I'm goin gto flordia 2x this summer and I'm looking for a cute carryon bag. The first trip is only 3 days and I was hoping to just use a carry-on bag. How much does a carryall hold? I love the red tobago carryall but can't justiy the purchase if it won't hold that much.

    (if you could give me an idea of what it holds such 2 pairs of shorts, cotton dress etc....) TIA
  2. I use mine to carry my purses while traveling. I just got back from vacation and used it to carry 8 small pochettes w/dust bags, along with a pair of cotton pants and a shirt. That was about all I could fit and it was a bit heavy. At the time I wish I had bought one that had a strap, especially since I had to go through customes which took forever!

    I haven't tried to see how much clothes you can fit. I would think it might be ok for a weekend, if you're a light packer, which I am not!
  3. You can only pack for an overnight trip. You'd be better off getting a keepall 50 or 55 in my opinion.
  4. ITA!!