How much fat does you consume...

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  1. Regularly (while maintaining you weight) versus while on a diet? I know it is completely different for everyone but I just wanted a ballpark number. The reason I'm asking is because I have some abnormal liver enzymes so now I'm on a 30 g of fat/day diet and I've already lost 6 pounds and have been on it for only a week! Did I really consume that much fat before? I thought I would slowly be losing weight...maybe this is water weight...I didn't even think about it! :shrugs:
  2. I don't count fat anymore but I'd say about 10-15g of fat per day.
  3. i thought it wasnt that much...but i guess i'm mistaken bc i really haven't thought about it! haha
  4. I eat lots of fat. Can't help it, I like it. Besides, I saw something the other day that said something about the amount of fat consumed has nothing to do with weight, instead it's the number of calories. Although, fatty products tend to have more calories. Oh well, it's yummy.
  5. Since I've been writing down what I eat, as well as the calories and fat, it's been around 55-60 grams per day. The type of fat you consume is more important than how many grams. Good fats, such as olive oil, salmon, nuts, seeds, avocados, lean meats, other seafood, etc. are much better than fat that comes from processed foods :smile:
  6. 30g a day is what my nutritionist recommended. That is pretty healthy in my opinion.
  7. i consume around 30 or 40g a day. sometimes less , sometimes more. I eat alot of dairy products, fish, nuts and olive oil. I have been 100 lbs forever. If you choose healthy fats, you can maintain your weight all the time.
  8. I consume a lot of fats too. I can't help it! I like fatty foods!
  9. WOW, that is low! I was doing 15grams per day on my diet and I thought that was low! How do you eat with such little fat? - just Veggies?
  10. Christina, yours sounds a little high!:lol: You are lucky you can maintain with that many grams per day.
    I think 30-40, personally 30 grams per day is the best way to maintain your ideal weight.
  11. I become obsessive about fat gramms from time to time, especially right now when I am definitely plumper than I would prefer to be.