How much extra $$$ for silver hardware?

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  1. Decisions, decisions! I've been using my gray Nikki so much I'm afraid she'll get old before her time. I'm on the lookout for a brown Nikki and there are a few deals out there on ebay & elsewhere. The shade of brown doesn't matter really, but I really want a Nikki with old-style silver hardware. The problem is I think I can get a gold hardware one for about $200 less! Is it worth it?:confused1:
  2. i don't think so! I think the gold hardware would compliment the brown better anyhow, and for $200 cheaper, the silver hardware wouldn't matter... you could put $200 towards another nikki if it showed up on ebay or something...
  3. You're right, Desi, it's not like I can even see the hardware while I'm using it. A hazelnut Nikki would be nice but for some reason the old hardware just looks better on the Nikki IMO.
  4. ^yea i agree too, but if it was like $50-$100 bucks more, than maybe..but for $200, thats like halfway to another RM...KWIM?
  5. IMO, the brown leather looks FAB with gold hardware!
  6. ^^ ITA!!:tup:

    I just wish I knew what everyone is talking about when they say old and new hardware. Hehe :shame:
  7. ^^ Chinkee:Old hardware: Gold brass or silver lobster clasp HW with long leather tassels zipper pulls --> New harware: lighter brighter gold RM engraved HW w/ tassel-free zipper pulls. There are a few HW threads withing the last couple of months, should be able to get some picture comparisons. HTH!
  8. Now with the talk of ordering wine NIkkis from Label 360 I really don't know what to do! Order a wine with new hardware???
  9. depends on which you want more--old silver hardware reguardless of color, or a wine nikki reguardless of hardware!
  10. decisions, decisions! i'm actually a fan of the old harware. and i think the chocolate nikkit is tdf!