How much duty would I pay if I buy a Balenciaga Bag in Rome

  1. Hi wondering how much tax I would pay if I buy a Balenciaga Bag in Europe and I bring t0back to Canada I am going to stay in Europe for 12 how much I am allowed to bring back to Canada,:P
  2. Generally speaking, if you live outside the EU (European Union), there is no "tax" (called the VAT). However, you will be assessed customs duties upon your return to Canada. So, you need to look up what the duty would be on the bag.

  3. Thanks I already caculated it pretty much is is still worthy to buy balenciaga in Roma because even if I have to pay the 12% duty I will save between $600 to $500 dollars Balenciaga bags here in Canada are so overpriced.
  4. ^^yes, generally speaking, because you don't have to pay the VAT, it usually works out more favorable for those of us 'across the pond'.

    For US-based folks, you can spend up to $900 (last figure I remember) duty-free; if you claim as a 'family', then it's $1800. That gives you a good amount of room .. now, in the actual baggage, not so sure!! ;)