How much drinking is normal?

  1. Well, what do you think?
  2. my view of this is skewed because i go to a party school and live in a college town. during the summer here, i usually go out 3 times a week and have an average of 3-5 drinks per outing. during the school year, it's probably only once, maybe twice, per week with the same amount of drinks. occassionally i'll also have a beer or two with dinner or something.

    i'd say that's about average for college students here, but i'm sure it varies widely from the 'average' person.
  3. When I first turned 21, DH (back then he was my boyfriend) and I would go to the bar EVERY nite. I felt like crap every morning and eventually gained weight and had that bloated alcohol look. I stopped drinking after a couple months of that. I don't like the way alcohol makes me feel.
    I don't think it's necessarily how much you drink, but how it makes you act. If you're slurring and passing out... it's time to cut back lol. Before becoming prego I had the occasional glass of wine at restaurants but have long outgrown the drinking til puking phase lol.
  4. I am laughing because right this moment at the computer on a Friday night I am drinking a glass of red wine- shiraz. Amazing. I work all week, my husband hates red wine, so I can enjoy myself maybe once every 2-3 weeks w/ some red at home. Meanwhile he is watching the TV/ DVD player- an old WASP concert from 1987, I kid you not. Give me more red please. lol
  5. Im not answering this. LOL
  6. Unless I go out, I'll drink one to two glasses of wine maybe three nights a week or so. I don't really drink much more than a couple drinks if I do go out though.

    I just went to my aunt's funeral last week. She was 99 when she died. For as long as I know she had Wild Turkey and 7-up every night, sometimes two. When she was getting really frail in her old age the family asked her nurses to make them weaker and she knew right away and would give it back and tell them to make it right! Well, at the little get together after the funeral her nurse made me one just like she used to make for her, and it knocked me on my butt! So maybe the key to a long life is having a Wild Turkey every night!
  7. It all depends on how much your body can handle. I've seen to many women make a complete fool of themselves (myself included) from having 1 to many. Not Cute! Once you figure out what your limit is, stick with it. Piece of advice in the event you don't already know. Stick to one type of liquor, mixing will only get you a nasty hangover:throwup:
  8. If you are asking because you are worried that you drink too much then it is probably too much. Or if your friends are telling you that you drink too much then it probably is. Everyone will have a different answer for this.

    I have a friend who was diginosed as a functional alcholic. At first she was kinda pround of this :sad: Because she has a 4.0 GPA and works 20-30 hours a week and its not like her life was going down hill or anything and she wasn't doing anything self destructive. We were worried about her at that time and as I look back I wish I would have been a better friend and talked to her (so if you are worried about a friend talk to them).

    She finally realized that she was drinking way to much 4-5 times a week and usually 8-12 drinks. She backed off for a while then got right back in the party thing after a month. This time I did talk to her and she thanked me she didn't realize it was happening again.

    So my advice is get help if this post is about you or help a friend get help and talk to them if it is about someone else.
  9. I only drink on my birthday, SO's birthday and once in a while New Years. Im not a big drinker at all. But, I was in H/S...where I learned my lesson all too well.

    I cant really speak on how much is too much. I think drinking every weekend is too much, but thats my opinion.
  10. I don't know if I can really answer this well, because I stopped drinking when I started seriously losing weight. However, I never saw the harm in having a glass of wine at dinner every night. As long as you're not getting blind drunk and passing out all over the place, I don't see a problem with drinking more than once in the course of a week.
  11. If I suspected myself or a friend had a problem I would consult a medical professional. I asked this question just to get an idea of the norms of other tPf'ers.
  12. I'm with Sunshine, I'm not answering this :whistle: other than saying that I spend most weekend evenings inebriated.
  13. I agree with ArmCandyLuvr :yes:

    Personally, I'm "legally" too young to drink (less than 1 1/2 away) but has the opprituinity cause I'm in college... but so many people that I've worked with or know whether 18 or 47 drink way too much... once in a while like every week or so maybe 1 or 2 drinks is nothing but once you start to triple that I think thats not normal, its excessive in my opinion.. For school I live in a small town but every time I go to the super market it seems like everyone and their grandmother is getting HUGE bottles of wine and multiple bottles of hard alcohol or 3 or 4 packs of beer. A glass of wine every night where your benefiting your health while enjoying it is one thing... drinking a couple of glasses a couple nights a week is just stupid.
  14. I think a drink or two a day is fine.
  15. yeah, that is definitely too much! I don't think I could even get out of bed the next morning if I had that much to drink. Guess your body just gets used to it.