How Much Does Your Mulberry Bag Weigh?

  1. I always think it's really important how heavy or light a bag is bacause it's only going to get heavier with all the stuff I need to carry!! :p Also I'm often carrying other stuff so keeping the weight down is a priority.

    I thought this would be a great reference, & it might also help me to find my ultimate Mulberry for every day, which seems to be an ongoing project!! :smile:;)

    Anyway here goes with my collection:
    oak belle 352g
    choc somerset shoulder 490g
    black seth 702g
    oak somerset tote 802g
    black alana 994g
    choc elgin 1170g

    Wow that was interesting!!!
    I was thinking of selling my somerset tote as I've never really used it. A great bag but I'm not sure oak is really me, & also I'm not sure about it being open at the top. However it is so light & smells divine! I've never used the belle either - is that cos it's also oak?? Also I think alana might have to go, as I need a bag that can be handheld as well as shoulder held, & it's heavy for its size. Although I do get nice comments about it, & it's great to carry on the shoulder. But THEN I could afford something else! :graucho:
    I'd be really interested in weights of the bayswater / east west bays / ledbury / roxanne / rosemary / antony as all these are on my possibles list!!
  2. this will sound odd-- but I like heavy bags, it makes me feel like I am carrying something luxurious...
    However, I live in Los Angeles and drive everywhere. Rarely do I have to walk a long distance with my bag...
  3. Roxanne weighs a ton with or without anything in it. I've packed mine away as it's lemon so I don't use it in the winter but I'll weigh it when I get a chance.
    I have an Alana & I don't find it heavy. It isn't the prettiest bag but I find I use it a lot because having only one strap makes it so easy to carry. I agree though, it's not a hand held. My lightest winter bag is probably the magenta Hanover.
  4. Hi SJ! I think I only find alana heavy cos I've been filling it up so much it hardly closes, then I've got my other work case to carry too - which has backpack straps & can be really heavy - so alana won't go on my shoulder properly any more. If it was the only bag I carried it would be no problem!

    Interesting about the rox, thought it might be heavy
  5. Ok, here you have the weight of my bags.

    Ledbury 580 g
    east_west Bays 835 g
    Bays 1130
    Roxanne in soft grain 1206 g
  6. Phew, just home from work!....

    Thanks salikons for your weights! Really helpful. Roxanne is quit heavy then hmmm...
  7. My heaviest bags are definitely my Emmys, they are overweight with nothing in them, but I don't care, that's part of the beauty of them. After that, I would say, my Bayswater, then Annie, then E/W Bays. My Roxy tote is surprisingly light compared to the others but I haven't taken her out for a test drive yet. I always wait a few days/weeks before using my new bags. I like to look at them for a while, then use them. I AM a nerd.
  8. And remember my roxy is in softgrain, so it is actaully much less heavy than the original natural leather one
  9. The weight of my bayswater is killing me!!:sweatdrop:
  10. I am really looking forward too se how light the Mabel is in comparison. When I tried one in Stockholm It didn't feel like I had a bag at all compared to my Bays. I wonder if that feeling remains when I have packed it and uses it.
  11. Could someone please weigh the following if you have them??

    roxanne in natural leather

    Pretty please????:flowers::cutesy:

    Thanks in advance:ty:
  12. I've been using my Bays a lot since I got her, almost every day. But on the days that I take out Mabel I get so surprised at how little she weighs ... even with all my stuff in it. You'll love the Mabel, Salikons!
  13. bumping as it's quite a useful thread!!! Can someone weigh their Annie for Hula- mines' on holiday!
  14. Please!!
  15. Posting in this thread as well:

    Roxy: 1165 g

    Annie: 1065 g

    Elgin: 1143 g

    Bayswater: 920 g