How much does your cat weigh?

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  1. Mine weights 9 pounds. She is fully grown, but a pretty small cat I think.
  2. Oh wow... I have a big cat... not really fat, just big-boned (I know that's always an excuse but it's true!). He's probably 15 pounds. My other cat (parents' cat that I am temporarily in custody of while they are out of the country) is only about 8 pounds.
  3. mine..he is 20lbs :shame:
  4. Mine is getting chunky..he's about 13 pounds right now. :p
  5. Leo is about 15.5 pounds.
  6. Cory's 20 lbs., Kado's 12 lbs., Siggy's 11 lbs.
  7. Kitten is small, she's about 8 pounds.
  8. I have a petite 6lb girl, and a huge, solid (not fat) 16lb boy.

    IMO fat is not cute. Seeing as it is so unhealthy, I keep a close eye on all of my fur-kids and ensure optimum body weight.
  9. One is 11 lbs and the others is 17....they look WAY smaller than the rest of my families cats who are between 20-25.
  10. Brucie 20lbs (not fat...just solid), Bandit 6lbs (still a kitten though), Snowflake 12lbs, Snowball 10lbs, Cassidy 6lbs, Tiger 8lbs, Misty 6lbs and Princess is 13lbs. Yes, I have 8 cats! LOL
  11. My female is 18lbs and my male is 9lbs - he's pretty shrimpy for a male.
  12. El Jefe (female) is 13 lbs., and Fat Mike (male) is around 11 lbs.
  13. Muffin's 10 lbs, and only 1 year old :smile:
  14. Holly weighed 10 lbs, and I put her on a diet, she is now 9 and a half pounds.
    (I actually started playing with her and she's more active now, less couch potato)
  15. Kishiu is a solid 12lbs, he's really muscular and slim though. Cleo is such a petite little cat, she's about 7lbs.