How much does your bag weigh?

  1. I was reading Marie Claire and saw an artical called: How much does your bag weigh?
    Apparently experts say the idea bag weighs 2 lbs...funny has since the new hot bags thi season weigh more than that EMPTY! They say the upper limit is no more than 10 % of your body weight for instance a maximum of 13 lbs if you weigh 130 lbs...
    so how much does you bag weigh.

    I just weighed my brand new legacy sathel with the following items in it: wallet, cosmetic case, change purse, passport case, business card case, keys, phone, ipod and headphones. I travel a lot for business and this is my standard stuff in my purse.

    Total Weight: 7.2 lbs

    So how much does your bag weigh...
  2. I'll have to post mine later. yesterday I has a ton of stuff in mu speedy including a 5-can pack of tuna and a litre of soya milk, lol!
  3. right now i am carrying my teeny tiny coach leather pouch bag(can't remember the exact name) it weights about 1lb. 8oz. and thats with everything in it:keys, cell, cash, small cosmetic pouch, credit card case, my mace(yes, i am paranoid, but prepared :smile: i just stopped using my large prada 'cause i found i just dont need a large i have had two back surgeries and just dont need the extra weight. i am patiently waiting to buy the gryson nylon elissa....when will their online shop open????
  4. i used to carry really heavy bags in uni, but am only 4.7. my dr weighed my bag on one visit and maybe me cut the stuff by half the weight.

    i leave as much at work as possbile and carry a small-medium saized bag w little hardware.

    the big bag trend is resulting in people trying to fill their bags to avoid that horrible/messy slouchy look and therefore carrying wayyyy too much w them.
  5. just weighed mine. not bad...5 1/2lbs. a far cry from the experts' recommendation of 2, but there are somethings a girl just cant leave home without!
  6. Today's bag - Balenciaga City. Contents: Long wallet, cosmetic case, accessory pouch with checkbook, hand gel, pens, tissues, small notebook, card holder. Cellphone.
    4.2 lbs:smile:
  7. I have no idea..but I know my bags weigh too much....oh well...pain for fashion
  8. I don't think any of mine are over 5 lbs. I just held up my current bag in one hand and my laptop in the other and they felt about equal... I'll try it on the scale later though.
  9. There was also an article in Oprah's mag about this. They has some recommendations in a variety of bag styles. You might want to check that article out too.
    I am carrying my Neverfull right now. I think it only weighs a little over a pound empty. I have never weighed it full, but it feels much lighter weight than my other bags.
  10. about a week ago, I was carrying my LV epi bowling gm, with stuff in it, it came to about 6lbs. Today, I'm carrying the HH havana hobo and w/ same stuff, slightly over 5lbs. Guess the hardware on the LV weights it down.
  11. that's so funny! a few weeks ago i posted that oprah magazine had an article like that as went on to say that "busty" women shouldn't carry shoulder bags, but should carry satchels in the crook of their too, said that the bag should not weigh more than 10% of body weight...(i wonder if they mean what i ACTUALLY weigh or what i SHOULD weigh!!!) maybe we at TPF can come up with a design for a purse that weighs next to nothing, is made from amazing leather, has great hardware and organizational pockets...? and comes in TONS of colors???
  12. Mine's way too much. On top of all my junk, there are usually 2 sippy cups, an extra bottle of juice, and a couple toys in there!
  13. i know my bags weight a ton BEFORE I fill them up. I have to say I am really enjoying my new balenciaga because it is so light. I have been buying a lot of handheld bags lately and didn't realize how much they have been helping me until I started using a shoulder bag and was getting a stiff neck from it. (As a busty girl the O magazine advice is true. A handheld is less hard on my neck and shoulders.)