How much does this Prada retail for?

  1. I believe the retail price is $320.
  2. That's not a site that sells authentic bags.
  3. ^^ NOT true-They are authentic..they just have a mark-up on most bags......
  4. I think that the same style, but in red, was on Bluefly for a while. It was two hundred and something there.
  5. hmm
    I wasnt planning on buying a purse from there. I guess I'll just assume the retail price is anywhere from 260 - 310 then I think.. Thanks so much :biggrin:
  6. that is a legit website but like Jill said they REALLY mark up prices.. that goes for $310 my opinion the prices on that website is rediculous
  7. Yeah, the mark up on that site is crazy, some of the Burberry they have you can get it for less on the Burberry site.
  8. if I remember correctly it was $325 at neiman's but I can't remember for sure. I know at it was being sold for $248 not too long ago in black and red.