How much does this cost?

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  1. Hey ladies! Could you help me out with something. Last time I went to the outlets I saw these wristlets (attached) there and I think they were marked down to $119, but I was wondering if they had taken any additional % off (I didnt get a chance to look). Also has anyone single the single pocket mini skinny (attached) at the outlets? If you see them or remember the prices please let me know!
    8616_SKHWT_d2.jpg 6520_SKHWT_d2.jpg
  2. I haven't seen either, but, I adore that single pocket mini skinny!! Going to the outlets this Monday, I'll keep my eye out for you if you haven't found an answer by then :smile:
  3. This weekend I think everything in the outlet should be an additional % off b/c of the holiday!
  4. ^ Thank you digby! I was trying to get out there today but I think thats a no go.

    Pursefanatic - Oh doh! I completely forgot its 4th of July weekend LOL! Man I need to get out there soon! I hope it doesnt get too crazy :Push:
  5. I might be going to the outlets on Saturday. If I see them, I'll try to remember the prices for you. You should try to go this weekend because they probably will have holiday sales going on.
  6. Thanks Tammy! I'm going to try girls! I really want to hit up a sale!
  7. Sorry, but I didn't see these in the outlet today (in VA). They had a lot of bargains, though, and that place was jamming!
  8. ^ Thank you so much for checking Tammy! Well I made a deal with my SO and he's going to take me out there Tuesday :Push: Thats the 4th of July so I hope its not too crazy! I'm so excited :heart:
  9. I hope you can find something you love. There were a lot of great deals to be had.
  10. I saw the black version of that today in Lord and Taylor for $96
  11. ^ Hm. Not much of a discount off $128 (retail) or factory ($119) but at least its a discount!