How much does *this* bag hold ? Reference to size.

  1. I thought this would be cool for reference, what bags will hold. There are so many people wondering what a certain bag will hold. Its kind of hard to go thought an entire thread ( whats in your lv bag) in hopes to locate your wish bag.

    Lets just post pictures only and no comments
  2. Here are coussin Gm, Alma, denim speedy and denim baggy PM
    coussin gm.jpg coussinstuff0.jpg alma.jpg denim speedy.jpg baggy pm.jpg
  3. here are manhattan pm, Mini lin speedy 30 speedy 25, piano, petite bucket
    man pm.jpg mini lin.jpg mono 25.jpg piano.jpg p bucket.jpg
  4. Here are the rede pm, Lockit H, popincourt, ellipse PM
    reade.jpg inside reade.jpg mono lokcit H.jpg mono popincourt.jpg Mono sllipse.jpg
  5. here are the
    another lockit H, petite noe and mono pochette
    IMG_5867 lockit.jpg noe1.jpg peite no.jpg p noe.jpg pochette.jpg
  6. speedy 30, speedy 35, mono cles, vernis cles,
    speedy 30.jpg speedy35.jpg mono cles.jpg vernis cles.jpg
  7. Batignolles, Batignolles H, beverly mm, Neverfull MM, and roxbury
    Batignolles.jpg Batignolles h.jpg beverly mm.jpg neverful MM.jpg roxy.jpg
  8. lockit H with a laptop, Saleya pm and another speedy 30 .
    lockit H with laptop.jpg syela pm 1.jpg sayela pm.jpg speedy30.jpg
  9. .
    Another BH, manhattan GM, wapity, and mc trouville.
    b-h.jpg contents-manhattan gm.jpg contents-wapit.jpg trouviulle.jpg
  10. [​IMG]


    Cutest handbag picture EVER!!!!

    That should be your avatar!
  11. thats so cute! lol. i have to ask though. why is a child in your bag?
  12. lol..who's baby is that!! hahaha..that's sooo frikkin adorable!!!

    wow, you love your purskets Bag Fetish! thanks for doing this! I think it does help a lot!
  13. OMG!! SO CUTE!!

  14. Multicolore Eliza, lockit pm and pochette mini
    insidelll.jpg insidestuff.jpg inside pm lockit.jpg pochtte mini.jpg
  15. petite bucket, BV,popincourt haut, Shirley, speedy 25 cersies
    bucket1o.JPG inbv.JPG pop haut.jpg shirley.jpg speedy 25.jpg