How much does the Petit Noe strap slip off?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I was thinking of buying a musette tango or salsa, but have decided that the petit noe would be more suitable as I like to carry quite a bit of stuff around.
    However, I wondered if the strap was a pain (a few threads have mentioned this), slipping off and such.
    I already have 2 handheld LV bags and a pochette so I wondered how good the Noe shoulder strap was.
    Please advise!
    (and add pictures if you wish:P )

    Thank you!
  2. As an owner of many noes:graucho:, all I can say that the strap never falls off my shoulder. I always vote for Noe as a great shoulder bag because it's a single strap bag therefore, the strap is always in place!:yes: Here are some pics:
    meandnewnoe.JPG noe1112.JPG petit_noe.JPG petitnoe.JPG
  3. Thank you, Irene - your pictures are super!:yes:

    I do like your blue noe - what a lovely colour....ooh choices, choices! :confused1:

    Thanks again.
  4. The strap never fall off my shoulder.

    I really love your blue noe your look in this pic..
  5. doeesnt that bag looks hot on her :smile:

  6. Yes! The blue is fab on Irene!

    I like wearing the large Noe across my body like a messenger bag. I walk a lot from parking lot to office and it distributes the weight of the contents.
    cropped Noe.jpg
  7. I loooooove Epi Petite Noes!! The red and blue ones are sooo beautiful.
  8. I too love this look the whole outfit and the blue noe goes together so well! you make me wanna get a noe!
  9. I didn't used to like the Noes until I saw Irene's pics of her Epi Noes. She looks great with them.
  10. OK, I am seriously blushing over here!!!:shame: :shame: :shame: Thank you so much, everyone!!!:flowers: As you already know, I LOVE my Noes!!!:nuts:
  11. Hi,
    I have a noe in the monogram and love it. It never falls off and holds everything!!
  12. Irene, are your noe's the large size or the petite size?
  13. [​IMG] [​IMG] these two are noe's
    [​IMG] [​IMG] these two are petit noe's
  14. irene, your noe pictures make me want to get one. are they the regular noe or the petite noe?
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