How much does the Paddington retail for in the US?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering how much both the Medium Paddingtons retail for in the US, both the Metalic Leather and the Regular Leather.

    I discovered earlier that in Canada, its much more expensive to purchase Balenciaga than it is in the US (even with the exchange rate, shipping etc) so I'm wondering if it is the same for Chloe handbags.

    Prices for 2 that I am looking at Holt's are:

    Metallic Anthracite Paddington -$1895 Cnd + 15% tax
    Tan Paddington - $1695 Cnd + 15% tax

    I've been looking at ebay as an alternative but I really dont know what to look at on Chloe bag to determine if it is fake or real

  2. The price for the medium paddy's went up again a few weeks ago. From $1480 to $1540. That's Nordstrom's price for regular leather. I'm not sure about the anthracite.
  3. $1540 for regular, and I believe the last price I saw for metallics was $1720.
  4. Really? Goodness. i should thank my lucky stars for the one I'm about to get. Jeez.

    I heard last year they went for like 1300. what's changing about the bag to make them now go for $1500-1700 :wacko: :wacko:
  5. I am selling my mousse paddy, purchased from Chloe SCP; I am willing to ship to US and Canada for the price I list in my marketplace thread.
  6. I got my paddy last year for $1380 so I'm thanking myself for buying it when my SA finally found one for me. ;) :biggrin: