How much does the new lady braid satchel retail for? thanks!

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  1. :tup:

    Also, any idea on the dimensions and colors it comes in ?
  2. NM bought the lady braid flap shoulder bag in black and navy, the bowler in black and dk grey, and the lg e/w pouch in black, navy and dk grey
  3. just posted in your other thread.....

    The small one I am getting is $2695. Approx. dimensions 13x7x5.
  4. Do you have style numbers and pics?
  5. This is the navy. I took the pic with a cell phone, but it's true to color.
  6. ^^^^ That's the one I'm getting in dark grey.
  7. I would love measurements on this bag.
  8. OMG, it is gorgeousss! I am on the waiting list for one too, can't wait.:rolleyes:
  9. ladybraid.jpg

    Does anyone know about this lady braid bag? I am not sure about the name or style of this cutie. :confused1:
  10. ^^ This is the one I want. Not sure of the style as there are 3 new lady braids and 2 from last year. Where is everyone waitlisting. I want this in dark grey.
  11. That blue is so pretty -- are these in the stores?? Is it heavy??
  12. Don't know the price either but wow, that's a beautiful bag!
  13. [​IMG]
    I am on the waitlist at my NM for this bag in black. Love it!
  14. Love the navy one!
  15. What's the price for this bag?