How much does the City bag retail for in Canada?

  1. How much does the City bag (in black) retail for in Canada?

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. 1,300? Something around there.
    The Hobo is 1,195 I think.
  3. Thank you! :smile:
  4. The first costs $1475 Cnd plus tax at holt renfrew and I think the city is $1600 something.
  5. ok, well I got the hobo right... :smile:
  6. Anyone here know if Balenciaga NY will do exchanges if the transaction was done over the phone?

    I know aloharag will. Just wondering in case I am not happy with the leather once I get it and want to exchange it for another one.
  7. They should exchange within 10 days (at least thats what my receipt says - and I ordered mine over the phone)
  8. Yes, you can do exchanges at Bal NY! They only offer store credit or exchanges.
  9. It costs $1,595 before tax and with tax it's $1,706.65 from Holt Renfew in Calgary.
  10. Thanks! Ah, you guys have lower sales taxes than us. 15% here, so $1,834.25 for us.
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