How much does the bucket hold?

  1. I am eyeing a reg (not petite) bucket but haven't tried one on IRL so I wanted to know how roomy is the bucket? Does it hold alot? More of a tote? What's your opinion on this style?

    I really like it in Damier.
  2. i'd say the same as the speedy 25/piano. Its about the same size just different shape.
  3. I have not seen a regular one IRL, just a petit...I really love the style, it is so cute!
  4. I thought the Marais, which is the Damier version of the Bucket, only comes in the equivilant of the petit size. Is that incorrect? I too love the Damier Marais, but it is small, in my opinion. I tried on a friend's last week. I definitely wouldn't call it a tote.
  5. Yes, only the petite size for the Marais.
  6. I just got the Marais two weeks ago and I love it. :love: It holds my French Wallet, card holder, Poche Toilette 19 and Palm very nicely. There are also 2 zipped pockets in which I throw my cell, 6-key holder, and key and change holder into. Definitely not a tote.
  7. The Bucket GM holds more than a Speedy 25 and it is larger than a Marias.... It is a nice huge bag/tote. If you were to lie it down it is bigger than a Speedy 25. It is nice and deep. It's great for papers, magazines, a water bottle and your personal stuff. Don't forget that it also comes with it's own Pochette Accessories. Go for it.