how much does the 2.55 retail for?

  1. Hi ladies,

    just curious on its retail price.....I'd call Chanel here, but I think its a little strange calling and asking.......thanks a bunch!

  2. my medium black caviar classic flap was $1595 + tax.. a lil over $1700 then. *gulp* it sure hurts to really SEE those numbers and realize this is three months rent LOL.
  3. Wow! 3 months rents!

    That's probably the only thing I hate about living in San Francisco! $1700 barely covers a month and a half rent. :sad:
  4. The one I had was $2080 or so, it was the 227 model :biggrin:
  5. Is that the jumbo?
  6. The 228 is the jumbo. 227 is the large size.
  7. i think you can pick one up on ebay for under $1000 US - but i think thats like an older model - its chanel.... its timeless!